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Делитель интерфейса LNL-8000

The Star Multiplexer from Lenel is designed to implement star topology on a downstream port of any Lenel® Intelligent System Controller or on any host communication port of any OnGuard® server. Up to eight RS-485 (2-wire) connections or four RS-485 (4-wire) connections can be made downstream of the LNL-8000. The Lenel Star Multiplexer requires 12 VDC for power. It allows communication protocol conversion, and provides connection with alternate communication devices to extend effective distances.

The master or host interface can use either RS-232 or RS-485 (2-wire) communication. The Lenel Star Multiplexer interfaces upstream with the Lenel ISC, and downstream with one of many Lenel RS-485 products (including the LNL-1100 Input Control Module, LNL-1200 Output Control Module, LNL-1300 Single Reader Interface Module, LNL-1320 Dual Reader Interface Module and LNL-500A, LNL-500B, or LNL-500W Gateway Interface Modules) on each downstream port (ports 2-9). A maximum of eight (8) devices are allowed per downstream port.

Производитель: LenelS2
  • Host communications - 38.4 Kbps direct wire (RS-232/RS-485 multidropped)
  • 12 VDC input power
  • Status LEDs for heartbeat, upstream and downstream communication
  • Support for either 2-wire or 4-wire RS-485 topologies
  • RS-485 on-board termination is jumper selectable
  • Can be used for retrofit and new wiring configurations