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Интерфейсный модуль LNL-500

The LNL-500 Intelligent System Controller (ISC) by Lenel serves as the access control engine for an OnGuard system. The ISC provides power, performance, and flexibility for the most demanding applications. Multiple combinations of Input Control Modules, Output Control Modules, and Card Reader Interface Modules can be connected.

The ISC can communicate upstream at 38.4 Kbps via RS-232/RS-485 multidropped configuration, modem dial-up communication, or Ethernet TCP/IP networks. The ISC can store up to 12,500 cardholders. The ISC can have two downstream 2-wire RS-485 channels or one 4-wire RS-485 channel. In either configuration, you may connect up to 32 readers or 16 devices. Each device (LNL-1100, LNL-1200, LNL-1300,LNL-1320) uses one device address. The Lenel Wireless Reader Interface (WRI) Gateway module provides an innovative solution to interface with Wireless products from Schlage. The gateway provides the link from the Lenel Intelligent System Controller (ISC) to the Panel Interface Module (PIM-485-OTD) wireless receiver.

This configuration will support up to 16 Schlage wireless reader products per gateway.

The PIM-485-OTD operates in the 900 MHz license-free band, allowing rapid, no-hassle deployment. Installation time for a standard secured entry point that requires a door contact, Request to Exit switch, reader and door strike is reduced by as much as 40%. The 900 MHz spread spectrum delivery model has been extensively tested to ensure that communications are ultra-reliable. Using this wireless configuration, communicating between OnGuard and the Schlage wireless readers is both simple and dependable.

The gateway can communicate at 38.4Kbps via RS-485 multidropped configuration to the ISC.

The gateway has two downstream RS-485 2 wire ports. Port 3 supports one PIM-485-OTD receiver, which in turn supports up to 16 uniquely addressed Schlage Wireless reader products.

The gateway can be installed up to 4000 feet (1219 m) away from the PIM-485-OTD. This configuration is supported for all ISCs: LNL-500, LNL-1000 and LNL-2000.

Производитель: LenelS2