AHI Carrier. Системы кондиционирования и отопления для зданий и сооружений

Дверной расширитель LNL-1300e

The LNL-1300e is a flexible network-wired Lenel hardware module that interfaces either a single door (with 1 or 2 readers) or a set of I/O points to OnGuard® systems version 7.1 or higher.

The LNL-1300e allows doors or auxiliary I/O to be conveniently wired to an OnGuard system using structured cabling and Ethernet, rather than via dedicated RS-485 wiring. When combined with a compatible Lenel Intelligent System Controller, this allows either a 100% Ethernet solution or a hybrid system to be deployed, depending on the security and IT infrastructure considerations of the installation. The LNL-1300e provides the same Local I/O linking and fallback options as traditional serialconnected modules, but with the convenience and flexibility of network connection.

The LNL-1300e can be configured in one of two operating modes. When in the network-connected single door controller mode, the LNL-1300e allows one or two readers to be connected, controlling a single door. Two auxiliary inputs and one auxiliary relay output are also available, in addition to dedicated exit request and door contact inputs and a door lock output relay. And, when in the network-connected I/O module mode, the LNL-1300e allows up to four auxiliary inputs and two auxiliary relay outputs to be configured using Lenel’s OnGuard system.

Производитель: LenelS2
  • Supports 10/100 Ethernet communications to Lenel Intelligent System Controllers
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit algorithm for communications
  • Mounts into a standard triple gang switch box for a compact footprint
  • Firmware stored in flash memory and background download of firmware updates supported
  • Custom or standard end-of-line resistors supported

Features when in network-connected single door controller mode:

  • Two reader ports: magnetic stripe, wiegand, or OSDP
  • Paired or single reader support
  • Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) compliant
  • Two outputs; one dedicated for a strike and one general purpose (Form C, 5A @ 28Vdc)
  • Two fixed inputs for door contact and request to exit (REX)
  • Two programmable auxiliary inputs

Features when in network-connected I/O module mode:

  • Two general-purpose auxiliary relay outputs (Form C, 5A @ 28Vdc)
  • Four programmable auxiliary inputs