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WebCTRL® Environmental Index Tool

Whether you’re talking about office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities or any other occupied space, comfort is key. It cannot, however, come at the expense of energy efficiency operation. That’s why Automated Logic has the native tools to help you measure, analyze and compare data so you can balance comfort with efficiency.

Automated Logic
Производитель: Automated Logic


Comfort Counts

The Automated Logic Environmental IndexTM tool, also known as a Comfort Index, is the ideal tool for analyzing ongoing operations as well as assessing your sustainability targets. The index rolls up granular zone data, providing you general operational insight with the ability to drill down to any zone in question.

Be in the know, 24/7

The Environmental IndexTM tool assesses how well systems are controlling, identifying problem areas and delivering the justification for remedial action.

A live, dynamic dashboard provides real-time analysis of conditions to the operator so they know exactly what is going on. With this technology, you won’t have to rely on a remote “expert” in the cloud who’s unfamiliar with your building.