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BACnet® Modbus® Carrier Translator

The BACnet/Modbus Carrier Translator is a micro controller-based module that provides the ability to integrate Carrier CCN-based controllers into Modbus and BACnet networks. The BACnet/Modbus Carrier Translator (33CNTRAN485) provides CCN to Modbus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and BACnet Master-Slave/Token-Passing (MS/TP) protocol conversion.

The Carrier Translator can be mounted in the controls section of any CCN equipment and converts CCN-based controller data to BACnet or Modbus. The Carrier Translator is outdoor duty rated and contains CCN RS-485 and BACnet/Modbus communications connectors.

When connected to a CCN controller, the BACnet/Modbus Carrier Translator allows a third party BACnet or Modbus device to read and write to the CCN controller’s mapped status display, time schedule, and setpoint schedule data. Note that status display write access is subject to the CCN equipment controller’s defined read/write access for each status display item.

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